Violet Baudelaire
Jul 27

It’s Monday.  Working on only being positive this week so.... that’s all I got haha. Love you all, please tell me

Jun 5

You know, if you don’t have anything to say fuck it to or any cute pictures of your pet, come on over in here!

Mar 30

Is everyone else getting the too many redirects, try clearing your cookies error when clicking on notifications? And

Mar 16

Remember 2 weeks ago when the world was normal and we were allowed to leave our houses??? Hahaha those were good

Mar 10
Tuesday Morning OT

What’s good in your world, GT?? Anything terrible or amazing happening, or have you seen anything good on the

Feb 24

What’s up yall? its the end days of carnival and I’m at work but can’t make my brain do anything so I might as well

Dec 12
Holiday Music Sharing!

I feel like we’ve done this in years past and I really loved it so I’m bringing it back! Please share your favorite

Aug 29 2019

Morning yall! It’s so quiet here at work - I think most people have headed out for the weekend already. How are you

Aug 5 2019

Not going to lie y’all, I’m definitely feeling Monday-ish this morning and having a hard time getting myself into

Jul 29 2019

.... sometimes I feel like that title is an oxymoron haha. But I’m grateful it’s another Monday and the sun came up