Jun 16 2017

Just a couple AutoArt Veyrons sitting pretty. Howard and I got our Veyrons together for a couple photos. It’s cool

Apr 13 2017
The 1:18 Wall

Needed more room for my 1:18 models so I made a shelf on my shelf (shelf-ception). Wanted it to be some what clean

May 12 2016
Tremonia Transkit

The project can now begin! My Tremonia Transkit for my F40 has come in and I am very excited. Definitely check out

May 5 2016
Bburago Ferrari F40

Thanks to those who took a guess at how much I got this model for. Sorry to say but none of y’all were close. For a

Apr 25 2016
Kyosho Mclarens

These are my first Kyoshos and I love them! After seeing many posts on the the Kyosho P1, I was hooked and had to

Dec 23 2015
First Autoart

I pre ordered this Autoart Pagani Huayra Aluminum Keychain (1/87) back in November and its finally here! I was able

Nov 30 2015
Thanks Frosted!

Awesome HWs I received from frosted! I don’t have a countach yet so this is an awesome addition and the corvette

Nov 25 2015
Ferrari Legends

Its about the one year mark for me in collecting HW and finally decided to get some older HW that I’ve always

Nov 23 2015
M2 VW Beetle

Picked up a M2 Machines model kit from a hobby lobby a couple weeks ago. The color and car lift caught my attention