Vi517, JDX Racing
Feb 29 2016
Volvo C90 Hype!

Apparently Volvo tweeted this last night but took it down right away. Someone got a hold of this grainy version. It

Dec 14 2015
PRI 2015

I was fortunate enough to attend the Performance Racing Industries trade show this weekend as a representative of

Sep 14 2015
Cars of Purdue: Episode 2

I did not keep my promise of weekly updates, but I thought I’d share the cars I’ve seen around since my last update.

Aug 25 2015
I rode in this today.

First meeting and cruise for Purdue Automotive Performance Association was tonight. I’m still waiting for a parking

Aug 18 2015
Cars of Purdue, 8/17/15

Today and yesterday are move-in days at Purdue, and I thought I’d reignite this series from Bandit and YSI! These

Jul 9 2015
2015 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Hey all! I realize I haven’t been active lately, but what’s a better way to come back than with a photo-dump from

Dec 30 2014
Stuck at the Airport...

....with a 4 hour delay due to low ceiling and snow (I'm in Denver right now). Flight won't leave until 3:41 am.