Tinfoil Hat in a thunderstorm, now with added diecast
Jan 11 2017
Old dog, new tricks...

After I worked out how to do the super flexible suspension on the 4Runner I just had to make a new chassis for the

Jan 9 2017

A bit of slow motion fun. Testing out a new style of suspension and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Dec 22 2016
356 Day!!: Sunset Edition

Took these shots yesterday evening (22nd) and as it’s still 356 day on the other side of sphere I’m sharing them.

Dec 21 2016
356 DAY!!

22nd of December is the 356 day of the year. Here’s all my Bburago 1:18 356B models.

Dec 21 2016
For Hire

I’ve made a few of these trailers now and they all look the same! Had to make one in the style of a well used hire

Sep 23 2016
Spoiler Alert!

Adjustable front spoiler on the Aristo Rat plus a stowaway. PSA; For some reason I'm able to post and add pictures

Sep 23 2016
I smell a rat!

Fantasy or Hot rod? I'll go with the later. Nice cast but also a potential gold mine for customisers looking to

Sep 22 2016
[Custom] Ford F-350

I finally got around to trying my hand at a triple axle vehicle. Been wanting to do one for a while and as I had a

Sep 18 2016
[Custom] Wheel Swap Welly

Some of you may remember this Mini with another set of rims from some time last year. Decided it was time for a new

Sep 17 2016
[Custom] Holden UTE!!

So I was looking at this old Matchbox Holden UTE!! and decided I had to do a wheel swap. Then I found other stuff it

Sep 15 2016

I don’t usually buy the fantasy cast but when I do...