Mar 4 2013

Played episode 2 of The Walking Dead last night. I am now afraid of salt-licks.

Feb 24 2013

So I'm thinking about buying a PS3. What are some games I should pick up with it? Older, new whatever. RPG's are my main thing but I play almost everything with the exception of sports/racing games.

Jan 31 2013

This 3DS eshop game, Liberation Maiden, is very fun. Downloaded it and Crimson Shroud today and I'm quite enjoying them both.

Jan 30 2013

A little upset that there are no more pre-orders available for Fire Emblem at Gamestop. I hope Nintendo learns that when they finally advertise something great like Fire Emblem that it works, and not to limit first prints.

Jan 19 2013

Anybody know where I can find a copy of Radiant Historia for a decent price? It's ridiculously expensive on Ebay and Amazon.

Dec 19 2012

Started my first job yesterday and I couldn't sleep then and I can't sleep now. Any idea how long this nervousness/anxiety will last Kotaku?