Apr 10
“Working” at Home

I’ve been working from home for four weeks now. The first three weeks were busy. This week I had some extra time on

Dec 30

I’m currently riding to the airport in a Lyft. The driver is using his Focus ST. Nice! That is all.

Dec 28
Trickjos Visits Chicago

My wife surprised me with one hell of an awesome birthday gift this year. Two nights at the Palmer House Hotel and

Dec 25
A Very Oppo Christmas

My sweet wife directed my mother and mother in law to buy these items for me as Christmas gifts. She knows I’ve been

Dec 24
Merry Christmas!

Yes, I took my dogs to meet Santa. My wife and I want to take them with us on our vacation this summer. So, we are

Dec 16
Good Morning

I’ve been looking forward to some snow so I can try out my new tires. Sadly, the ground was relatively warm and the r

Sep 24
Tuesday Afternoon Cruise

Cooper had an appointment at the vet this afternoon. I left work early to go pick him up. The weather was nice and

Sep 20 2019
Saw a thing.

Went out for a walk at lunch as I normally do and I saw a thing I don’t normally see. I really liked it and I really

Sep 13 2019
Early Morning Cleaning

I’ve got the day off and I’m an early riser even when I don’t have to go to work. So, I started cleaning my car well

Sep 5 2019

Neither party is as clever as they think they are. Elon seems to have some serious beef with Jalopnik though. Did I

Aug 25 2019
New Tires

I had new tires put on the GTI and Beetle yesterday. Pirelli PZero All Season Plus for the GTI and Pirelli Cinturato

Jul 27 2019
Clean Car

I finally had some time for a thorough wash. We then drove to a wedding and achieved my goal of having the cleanest