Taylor Martin
Sep 18
Oh my word...

Listed on the Facebook Marketplace for 900, even though the owner wants $9,000 (why do people do that? Cheapskates

Aug 29
What does one do...

...when you find yourself stopped at a red light. A car pulls up next to you in the right lane, and because you’re

Aug 28
Super Early Morning Oppo

Have been waking up every hour with chapped lips and a dire need for water. It’s currently about 3am. The past 4

Aug 27
Good Afternoon Oppo

Just woke up, it’s noon. Was consoling a friend who felt lonely last night until 4am which is roughly 6 hours past

Aug 15
Baby's First Oil Change.

A whole lot of you came to the rescue yesterday when I slightly overfilled... or maybe didn’t overfill my engine

Aug 3
Goodnight Oppo

Saw this photo on the internet. I know how I’m going to remedy my dent. I just don’t know exactly how I’m going to

Aug 3
To Make A Bad Day Badder

This happened this morning... well... technically last night. The culprit is a big branch that fell on my car and

Aug 1
My Vacation So Far...

I have been on the road a lot this past week, having crunched through an estimated 1379 miles. It’s a good thing I