Aug 19 2018
I survived! <em></em>

Two weeks since I sold my 1997 M-Edition and I finally have a Miata back in the garage. It’s a 2017 RF that had

Jul 25 2018
Peak Insanity

You can see that it’s fake. Not too long ago, automakers at least tried to make you think that the massive expanse

Jun 2 2018
Where Do You Stop

(A minor rant) When I come to a red light, I stop with the nose of my car close to the stop bar. That’s why the stop

May 29 2018

This makes my own efforts seem so small, but it is impressive what a consistent vision, persistence, ingenuity and a

Mar 18 2018
1964 Plymouth Fury

My dad passed away at the end of November last year, and I am finding that he saved everything for the past

Feb 12 2018
Gulf Racing Blue

My late Christmas presents arrived from Japan! Anyone have a recommendation for the right color of powder blue?

Mar 18 2017
Pack Rat Confessional<em></em>

I bought this about 1986 and have been carrying it around from home to home ever since. It has survived five moves

Oct 13 2016
Bright Eyes

I wanted to buy a Mazda Miata ever since they were first introduced. As a veteran of two mid-1970s Triumphs the idea