This Is Not the Game I'm Looking For, and Some Batman Thoughts

NYCC week is here, which means a lot of work, but at least my day job is publishing its first print magazine for the event. Yay us! Besides that, lots of emailing, editing for future weeks, and planning personal stuff. Tomorrow is the EA Preview Event, where I’ll get to play the publisher’s upcoming line-up. »10/06/15 8:55pmTuesday 8:55pm

The Leftovers - 2.o1 - Damon Lindelof continues his long term trolling of the HBO audience.

Last year, I spoke to a lot of Leftover fans who claimed that the mystery of those who disappeared would be resolved, that it would all work out in the end. This year, I doubt I’ll hear from them as The Leftovers has done away with the mystery of last year and is, instead, switching up to a new mystery where a bunch… »10/06/15 2:27pmTuesday 2:27pm

[FirstFour] Blindspot - 1.o3 - Standard slice of Network action

Blindspot is by no means original. Just this season, there are three other shows using similar models and at least two other shows which are hauntingly similar. Despite all that, the third episode was surprisingly entertaining. It’s still flawed, but if all you want is to sit down and forget about your day, this can’t… »10/06/15 9:59amTuesday 9:59am

MEGATHREAD - Fear The Walking Dead: Embrace The Madness

Last night was the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Luckily, it’s already been renewed for a second season, so it’ll be back next summer. In the meantime, lets take this opportunity to look back on the season that was, and reflect on what we learned and witnessed. Welcome to the Fear the Walking Dead Megathread. »10/05/15 10:55amMonday 10:55am

Lake Mungo: Masterful Mockumentary with a Sci-fi Twist

The only non-day job productive thing I really did this week was watch an old After Dark Horrorfest movie called Lake Mungo, a brilliant little mockumentary set in Australia, that not only emulates a documentary in every sense of the word, but also offers a fantastic sci-fi twist that pretty much holds the film… »10/03/15 9:05amSaturday 9:05am