Dark Matter Season One: The Post-Mortem

So, after two mostly unrelated final episodes, Syfy’s other new outing is behind us. And while it looked poorer, it was significantly smarter than Crinjoys’ napkin-scribbled childish mess. Sure, it had some particularly weak spots and didn’t indulge in large-scale worldbuilding, but in its Raza-shaped bottle, it… » 8/29/15 6:13pm Saturday 6:13pm

So has anyone seen stairs in the woods?

This header image is of an art installation in the Forest of Dean, UK. But apparently people have sometimes reported odd stairs in the middle of the deep forest. The stairs come in all shapes, all sizes, and all materials. The only consistent elements are that they all lead nowhere — and you must never touch them.
» 8/28/15 11:29am Friday 11:29am

On Face Off It’s Gatekeepers and What They’re Guarding

On this week’s Face Off the contestants must create not only guardians for a variety of gates but also the creatures behind those gates. This time there is a wide range of quality between the Top and Bottom Looks. Who will know what it is to be roasted in the depths of the Slor? Spoilers ahead. » 8/26/15 1:12pm Wednesday 1:12pm

Fear the Walking Dead 1.o1 - Fear the boredom

Spin-offs are a mixed bunch. Some a vehicles for characters which have out grown the home show, while others seem to more a production line of different munipal services in the greater Chicago area. Some shows have the force, audience and/or prestige to warrant a spin-off, others do not. The Walking Dead is one which… » 8/24/15 6:38pm 8/24/15 6:38pm

The Holmes I Never Knew...

Last night I had the pleasure of going to one of the smallest local theatres in my city, and seeing the latest in the many film interpretations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Victorian sleuth, Mr. Holmes. It was a beautiful and quaint film, but more importantly it did what I have not seen any other version of… » 8/24/15 6:00pm 8/24/15 6:00pm

When Do You Realize The Zombie Apocalypse Is Happening?

That question came to mind early on when I was watching Fear The Walking Dead. It underlies much of the first episode for the viewer who knows where things are going. But put yourself in the head of someone in the show’s world. When do you realize that some really freaky shit is happening?
» 8/24/15 9:55am 8/24/15 9:55am

I am the Homework Ogre: Ask Me Anything!

Hello and welcome to this morning’s AMA! I am the Homework Ogre (the artist formerly known as x84jdh), and while I’m not as active as I used to be, I think most of the regular Deckers probably know me. I am — in order — a dad, a Newfoundlander, a Canadian, and (ugh) a cog in the wheel of University research grants… » 8/24/15 8:15am 8/24/15 8:15am