India tiene nuevo héroe: este policía corrió 1 km con una bomba en el hombro para proteger a 400 niños

Me gusta leer la prensa local, especialmente la prensa local de la India. Fíjate, en una pequeña aldea del estado de Madhya Pradesh acaban de presenciar una hazaña de las que pasan a formar parte de la epopeya nacional. El protagonista de la historia es un valiente jefe de policía llamado Abhishek Patel.

The cosmic ballet goes on: 15 of our favorite pop-culture eclipses

The Simpsons has prominently featured a solar eclipse twice in its long run, but most memorably in the Season 20 episode “Gone Maggie Gone,” where Marge is stricken blind and Lisa goes undercover as a nun. Just kidding: Everyone actually remembers the eclipse from “Marge Vs. The Monorail,” in which the celestial event…


Let’s spend a minute with our hero, the man who invented the Choco Taco

What’s great about the Choco Taco isn’t just the combination of ingredients. After all, there’s roughly a thousand different ways you could combine vanilla ice cream, fudge, chocolate sauce, peanuts, and a waffle cone. Walk into any ice cream parlor, and you’ll get a dozen different variants on just those flavors…