Man, I’ve Got to Stop Overestimating Heroes Reborn

The fall finale of Heroes Reborn has come and gone, and it’s left us with some major revelations—and some confusion. Mostly confusion. I mean, I’ve spent the entire season wondering if the show would have answers for all the mysteries the show has posed, but I forgot to ask an equally important question: Will those… »11/20/15 9:40am11/20/15 9:40am


Heroic Smuggler Nearly Snuck 48,000 Beers Into Saudi Arabia Disguised as Pepsi

Saudi Arabia’s alcohol laws are notoriously strict—so strict that a 74-year-old British man just finished a year in a Jeddah prison and nearly faced 350 lashes over possession of homemade wine. Knowing the risks, one heroic man recently tried to smuggle 48,000 beers into the country dressed up as Pepsi cans. »11/13/15 1:10pm11/13/15 1:10pm

81-Year-Old Woman, Last Fluent Speaker of Her Language, Learns to Type to Make a Dictionary

Marie Wilcox, an octogenarian Native American woman from the San Joaquin Valley in California, was born on Thanksgiving in 1933; she grew up in a one-room house with the grandmother who delivered her and spoke her native Wukchumni, and I believe this video will assure you—Marie is better than you or I will ever be. »11/11/15 5:35pm11/11/15 5:35pm

Meet the Guy Who Spent Thousands of His Own Dollars to Pitch a New Die Hard Film in a Magazine Ad

In the pages of this weeks issue of The Hollywood Reporter sits a full-page ad taken out by one Eric D. Wilkinson. “I am a producer and writer of independent movies,” it begins. “I withdrew money I don’t really have from my savings to reach out today to tell you that I love the movie Die Hard. Let me say that… »11/11/15 3:25pm11/11/15 3:25pm

Heroes Reborn Has Momentarily Resumed Not Making Me Want to Weep in Agony

Let me be the first one to admit when I was wrong. Last week, after several story-less, entertainment-less episodes in a row, I assumed that like its forebear, Heroes Reborn was just making shit up as it went along. But “July 12: Part II” actually gave us some answers, and impressively, many of them are actually… »11/06/15 10:00am11/06/15 10:00am

I Can Sum Up Everything Wrong With Heroes Reborn in a Single Line of Dialogue

“June 13—Part One” is about Hiro taking HRG back to a year ago, the day of Claire’s death and the Unity Summit explosion, ostensibly for HRG to get some answers. As the two arrive at the Summit thanks to Hiro’s time-traveling powers, they discuss how they need to find Claire and figure out who or what destroys the… »10/30/15 6:05pm10/30/15 6:05pm

Shockingly, It Turns Out Heroes Reborn Is Just as Awful as Heroes Ever Was

Goddammit, Heroes Reborn. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. You hurt me—not just failed to entertain me, not just insulted me as a viewer, but emotionally hurt me—for three of your four original seasons, and I still tuned in, thinking “Oh, it’s been five years, Surely he’s changed!” You haven’t. »10/23/15 10:45am10/23/15 10:45am