HitchBOT's "Killer" is a Hero

Unlike the friendly Lion, Cecil, who was senselessly murdered by a psychopathic dentist (oxymoron?), the so-called anonymous killer of HithcBOT should be considered as a hero. In fact, I predict when the human races final history is written he will be compared to John Brown and John Connor. You see the problem with… »8/03/15 2:25pm8/03/15 2:25pm

Los héroes muestran sus poderes en el nuevo tráiler de Heroes: Reborn

Este año regresa una de las series más aclamadas (y odiadas) de ciencia-ficción en la última década, que comenzó con una primera temporada brillante pero fue decayendo poco a poco, para tener un final poco digno en su cuarta temporada. Heroes: Reborn quiere redimir este error, y luce realmente prometedora en su nuevo… »7/13/15 11:44am7/13/15 11:44am

15 TV Shows That Reinvented Science Fiction In The Past Decade

The conventional wisdom says that the past 10 years have been a bad time for science fiction on television. Fantasy has been on the upswing. Space opera all but disappeared. Science fiction shows get canceled all the time. But a ton of great science fiction has been created since 2005. Here are 15 shows that changed… »6/29/15 10:30am6/29/15 10:30am