Cortana Can Be Your Own Personal Translator in Windows 10

One of Cortana’s capabilities that you might not noticed yet is the quick translation feature. Microsoft’s engineers recently upgraded this part of Cortana’s functionality, so you can now get multilingual help with words, phrases and sentences, assuming Cortana is supported in your part of the world (U.S. English and… »11/06/15 10:50am11/06/15 10:50am

Top Free Programs You Must Have on Your PC

Besides the bare essentials like Windows OS, your personal computer needs to be equipped with certain set of programs in order to maximize the multimedia experience, system productivity or to summarize – make your life much easier when using it. While the basic set of software needed is rather individual choice, there… »9/17/15 6:52am9/17/15 6:52am

Hunt Down and Remove Duplicate Files from Your PC

Duplicate files can cause all kinds of problems on your computer, taking up precious storage room, confusing your photo or media manager apps, and generally getting in the way of searches and other operations when you’d rather they didn’t. You don’t have to accept duplicate files as an inevitability of running a PC,… »7/02/15 11:05am7/02/15 11:05am