Growing up in suburban England in the early 90’s I had absolutely no interest in rap music or hip-hop culture, how could I possibly relate to what was happening on the streets of Brooklyn? My musical taste at the time was fairly standard indie & rock; Chill Peppers, REM, The Doors etc

09/12 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - the big news this week of course is the release of our new Global Navigation which is now live across the whole Kinja network. Overall the feedback from users has been very positive, in particular the vastly improved mobile experience. We're keeping track of all the feedback and we'll be making improvements…


07/25 Tech Wrap-Up

Hi All - welcome to the weekly Tech Wrap-Up. I just wanted to quickly address site stability over the last few weeks, and questions such as "Why the hell is Tech doing a server maintenance during the day?", "Why do the sites crash every time they do a maintenance?". A couple of weeks ago we had some hardware fail in…