2:45 PM

EDIT: We just finished streaming Sonic '06 but you can watch the whole thing again on my channel! I made highlights tonight for easy viewing, so enjoy! Tell me what you think! And yes I know that my mic quality is terrible, but I hope to fix that soon.

1:41 AM

After my Borderlands 2 escapades with a few TAY friends got a surprising amount of approval, I've been wondering what I should stream next. I'm considering Metal Gear Rising on Hard mode or maybe some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online play. What do you guys think? Fighting games that aren't local are sadly out of the Read more

5:13 PM

Later this month, most likely within the next couple of weeks, I'll be publishing my full, critical, and nostalgia-less "Retrospection" review of the 2004 hit Far Cry! After Crytek went on to make Crysis and 3/Blood Dragon got great critical acclaim, is the original still worth playing after all of these years? For an Read more

9:12 PM

I planned a review of Chrono Trigger under my Retrospection label for a while ago, and I would like to apologize for it not coming out sooner. Now that finals are over for me I can get back to working on it. I'll have it done some time within the next 24 hours! Click here for a refresher on what I'm doing with these Read more

11:09 PM

My "Retrospection" review of Chrono Trigger, originally scheduled for this weekend, was delayed slightly to the middle of this week due to me underestimating just how much of the game I wanted to talk about. I'm currently writing about the combat right now, which is a surprisingly lengthy topic if you go into detail Read more

11:23 AM

After grumbling for the past couple of days about not being an author on the new TAY yet, I've decided that I just don't want to be a part of it. The whole thing smells of an "exclusive club" of some sort, and I've always hated those. I don't want to be posting while so many other people wish that they could, like I Read more

5:19 PM

One-minute review of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and I have to say, I agree with it, even his rather extreme enthusiasm XD

1:59 AM

I just love the translation teams in the Monster Hunter games. The dialogue is so witty and wonderful, how little of it there is. They're next to the Paper Mario guys in terms of my favorite writers in video games. In addition to the obvious humor here and there, I actually found a few obscure meme references. In Read more