May 8 2014

My mom is on a cruise that I didn't know she was on, with my stepdad who I did not know she was back together with.

Feb 23 2014

I have to thank you guys for showing me the way when it comes to makeup. When everyone was freaking out about the

Dec 17 2013
The Best Cat Toy

Luftwaffle's catnip post gave me the idea to post about my favorite catnip toys (or rather, my cats' favorite) They

Dec 10 2013
Gift Idea! Team Cat!

Soo, I was trying to post on the gift guide but either Kinja is twitchy or commenting is closed? Anyhow, I wanted to

Nov 6 2013
I can't math anymore

Guys I used to be good at math. I'm taking college algebra online and I thought it'd just be review because I took

Oct 26 2013
A metaphor for my week

[Gross out warning]
One of my cats just puked on the couch where I eat, watch tv, do my homework, and spend most of