2:10 PM

I have talked here before about my infertility issues. After a year and a half and one miscarriage, I'm approaching all I can possibly take, emotionally. I know many couples try for many years more than this, but I turn 34 this year and I really think we need to start considering our other options, including adoption. Read more

11:58 AM

Flying while fat anxiety, ahoy. :-( Tomorrow I'm taking a short flight on a commuter jet. I despise flying on commuter jets because they are the only ones where I need a belt extender. I've always been a fatty, but I have never once needed that seat belt extender on the bigger normal planes, and I suppose I always Read more

12:05 PM

For those who have been in the infertility quagmire: what was your best tactic for dealing with jealousy? I've been trying to get pregnant for 15 months. Had one miscarriage. Just had two more back to back unsuccessful cycles since the miscarriage. Luckily, none of my really close friends had been trying to get Read more

3:36 PM

Another awesome plus-size fashion option bites the dust. Just got a message from Eloquii on their fan page that The Limited is phasing out the brand. A person who commented said she heard this from a Limited shop employee and that the reason was "lack of interest". RU KIDDING ME??? How can it be lack of interest when Read more

2:34 PM

Here's another question about my dog— I've posted here before about ideas for wearing out my 5month old Catahoula. It's a high energy breed, but I think I've taken the tips and have been doing a good job. He's a happy and healthy puppy. However there are some days where the dog is just going to get less exercise than Read more

4:14 PM

You know what? There is literally zero way to get your husband to stop sending you horrible flowers on Valentine's Day without sounding like an ungrateful see-you-next-Tuesday. Is there? This is the third Valentine's Day in a row he has sent me roses from 1800 Flowers—they always arrive wrapped up tight in a box, all Read more

11:30 AM

I asked here a few weeks ago about needing ideas for keeping my Catahoula Leopard Dog puppy, now 5 months old, entertained and exercised enough so that he won't drive me insane. The ideas were awesome and some have worked very well, including feeding him out of "game" toys, doggie day care once a week, and getting a Read more

2:13 PM

Did anyone else develop an irrational fear of movie theaters after the Dark Knight shooting? I love, love, love going to the movies. My husband and I go a LOT, it's our go-to date. But ever since the shooting (which took place thousands of miles away), I am afraid. There's no other way to put it. It's become like my Read more

6:58 PM

You guys...I know I am such a cliche since I just had a miscarriage. But honestly, this is really doing the trick to cheer me up. WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY! We're rescuing a 11 week old Catahoula Leopard Dog. We pick him up Saturday and I am dying. So excited!

9:08 PM

Just witnessed this exchange on FB that made my blood pressure skyrocket. People are so obtuse. Someone was applauding the right-to-work fuckery going on in Michigan. Apparently this person owns a business that he inherited from his dad. Someone pointed out to him, correctly, that it's easy for him to be for Read more

3:16 PM

So, less than 2 weeks after finding out I was pregnant (after trying for a year and getting very depressed about our inability to conceive), I get bad test results back from the doctor: my hormone levels aren't rising normally and I have been told the pregnancy is "not viable." After crying for the last 24 hours to Read more

4:04 PM

So after trying for almost a year to get pregnant, it's possible I might be heading for early miscarriage or ectopic. I had a second blood test a week after my first to check in on things, and my doctor says my hormone levels aren't rising as rapidly as they should. I have to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS to go back for another

11:55 AM

Oh god, no less than THREE people in my Facebook feed have posted the story about the shoeless homeless man who got the shoes from the cop, and is now giving interviews wondering if he's going to get anything from the fact that his image was disseminated worldwide and used by the NYPD for promotional purposes. People Read more

10:49 AM

I need an opinion on something from fellow Jezzies! My husband and I agreed when we got married that since we both love Christmas that we'd alternate. One year with his fam, one with mine. Last year we spent with his—it was my first Christmas ever away from my family. Nice enough, my inlaws are good folks, but I Read more

11:11 AM

I hope Jez will cover the fact that Romney has attempted to flip flop on abortion AGAIN (even though it's really just a fake-out and his press secretary immediately confirmed that he is totes pro life. This man makes me SICK.