Jun 12

Hey guys, I picked up a few cars this week and since I don’t collect street cars I thought I’d offer them here first before throwing them on Ebay. All new out of production cars, never displayed. Prices include shipping within the US.

Jun 6
Double DBR1s

One from Matchbox #3and one from Shelby Collectibles #4, the later of which is true 1:64. Each casting has its ups

Feb 10
I'm Still Lurking

I still have not taken the whole DT move to heart yet, it’s just... different over there. Truthfully, I’ve been on a

Nov 2
Gamestop Day

I was skeptical on how this event would be run so I called every Gamestop in my county, 2 out 4 confirmed they were

Sep 17 2019
1:1 Model Car Build

For those of you who follow me on social media this is redundant so I apologize but I’m just too stoked not to share

Sep 5 2019
Orange Lunchtime Finds

I for one still love the orange brand as I think they still put out some excellent castings even if they release

Sep 3 2019
Five Pack Find

I really dig the vintage racing vibe on this new recolor of the Nissan Hako. What do you guys think?

Aug 8 2019
ORAT Sport Quattro

I know I’ve been a ghost around here lately, summer time and family life in full swing. Took a pocket pal camping

Jul 25 2019
Ebay Deal of the Day

As far as I can tell this is a pretty killer deal. I shouldn’t but I should so I did. Looks like a few left! Get em

Jun 13 2019
Hump Day HAWL

Courtesy of my local 99 cent store. Surprised to see these releases there before Target or Walmart but I won’t

Jun 10 2019
356 Outlaw Art

If copying someone is a form of flattery what is a copy of a copy? A few months ago an Instagram user contacted me

Apr 27 2019
Belated Mail Call

Ive been meaning to give a shout out to Doug and the Doctor for a three way transaction. Super appreciated, the 510

Apr 19 2019
Happy Friday

Now let’s get out of here and go home. Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend for those that celebrate it.

Apr 19 2019
What's in the Bag?

Series 2 2019 Mystery Models are hitting the shelves and boy is this a rad mix! I ended getting all but 3 casts that

Apr 15 2019
Mail Call Monday M1

Ordered up a dealership heritage series 1:18 M1 Procar last week. It was really really cheap with my employee