1:47 PM

So I got a free thing of “baby detergent” at work like a month ago. I’m not due until the summer, I JUST moved (it was a weird 2 months situation), and no one else in the office wanted it, so I’ve just left it at my desk. (This is pretty regular here - when we end up with free product, lots of it just hangs out for Read more

10:09 PM

Some dude on Instagram is trying to tell me that The Birth of a Nation (a movie he loves!) is NOT a racist movie, it was a metaphor for not getting swept up in Nazism, and the KKK - you know, the heroes who save what’s-her-face at the end from being forced to marry the black Lt. Governor etc - were not supposed to be Read more

7:45 PM

Apparently today is the day that all of my Facebook friends finally noticed that Baby, It's Cold Outside has really gross words. A not-negligible number of them have posted something along the lines of, "Am I the ONLY one who has noticed..." Read more