Mar 15 2016

So I got a free thing of “baby detergent” at work like a month ago. I’m not due until the summer, I JUST moved (it was a weird 2 months situation), and no one else in the office wanted it, so I’ve just left it at my desk. (This is pretty regular here - when we end up with free product, lots of it just hangs out for Read more

Oct 14 2015

So. What apps do you like? What apps do you use? I have an android, if that makes a difference, but I also have an

May 24 2015

Some dude on Instagram is trying to tell me that The Birth of a Nation (a movie he loves!) is NOT a racist movie, it was a metaphor for not getting swept up in Nazism, and the KKK - you know, the heroes who save what’s-her-face at the end from being forced to marry the black Lt. Governor etc - were not supposed to be Read more

May 13 2015

I wouldn’t say this is my number one pet peeve in LIFE, but at least in party planning...

May 3 2015

I love, love, love my RE. He is so smart, so good at explaining what’s going on with me, he’s not too bad looking,

Apr 5 2015

My mother-in-law is cooking dinner (lunch? It's 1:30) right now. She is also smoking a cigarette. At the stove. As

Feb 24 2015

I'm day 7 of my cycle. My period stopped completely day 3 - not unusual for me. They're generally short/efficient.

Jan 9 2015

Saturday Afternoon Update: Got a call asking me to take a survey about my customer service experience with their

Dec 22 2014

Apparently today is the day that all of my Facebook friends finally noticed that Baby, It's Cold Outside has really gross words. A not-negligible number of them have posted something along the lines of, "Am I the ONLY one who has noticed..." Read more

Dec 15 2014

Hey so heads up to anyone who might ever have to have a hysteroscopy.

Nov 11 2014

If I'm not on the clock, I will not be able to discuss something work-related with you. I don't care if it will