Pavithra Mohan
12:10 PM

Tired of clicking that "Display images below" link in your emails? Thanks to Gmail's newest update, you can give your index finger some much-needed rest: all images will now automatically show up in the body of your emails. [Google]

12:03 PM

If you look back fondly at old emails, Google's got you covered: you'll soon be able to download a copy of all your Gmail and Google Calendar data and keep it filed away for posterity. The feature is available for Calendar today and will be rolled out to Gmail over the next month. [Google]

3:07 PM

If you have a bit of a Pocket trigger finger, the reading app's latest update will make it easier for you to wade through all those unread articles. The new feature, called Highlights, will sort items in your list by popularity, impact and length. [Engadget]

11:50 AM

Sick of losing files to the black hole of your Downloads folder? Gmail's latest update, rolling out this week, gives you easy-to-browse previews of email attachments and allows you to save files directly to Google Drive. [Google]

3:25 PM

Click no further! Today, Twitter rolls out a new feature that embeds previews of photos and videos within your tweets. The update is available for both the web interface and iOS and Android apps, and promises to be super awkward when your random college buddy tweets NSFW pixxx. [Twitter]

1:40 PM

A year after launching Lifeline, an emergency notification feature for Japanese users, Twitter is bringing a similar service to users worldwide. Sign up to get Twitter Alerts from emergency accounts, and they'll be delivered directly to your phone via SMS. [Twitter via TechCrunch]

2:28 PM

BBM will be hitting Android and iOS this Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The app will allow you to message your BlackBerry (or BBM app)-toting friends and will run on Android 4.0 and higher, as well as iOS 6 and 7. [BlackBerry via Verge]

11:57 AM

Google Wallet's latest version is available this week for all Android phones running version 2.3 and higher. Send money to any of your contacts with just an email address, and you'll also get early access to using Gmail to send out payments from your desktop. Got too many loyalty cards lying around (or have a phone Read more