9:47 AM

So this is my first post showcasing some customs of mine I just finished. I made a set of Mooneyes, but Im still new to decals as they scared me forever. I love hand painting, but the inability to find a brush I can use to paint words pushed me to decals. I really was not happy with the way these decals came out, not

7:54 AM

Hello everyone. Sean “WitheredCustomz (IG)“ here. Glad to have joined the community here at LaLD. This being my first post Im just going to showcase some 1/43 scale models that are dear to me. These 3 Fairlady Zs are from Ignition Model and are absolutely spectacular. They take the details from the actual cars from

7:37 AM

My first post on here! Posting some of my pics I took on Friday from the cars I finished last week. I like taking the 4 pic collages, a Diorama shot (not posted) and a long exposure shot of some sort. Im still an amateur when it comes to photography but getting better, hopefully Ill come up with some more creative