May 29 2017

So I posted a B/W pic of a custom last night on IG. Of the 80 people who have liked it only 3 have read its a

May 2 2017
Customs Galore

It has been awhile since I made a post. So Ill just inundate this post with pics. I usually do my customs in batches

Feb 26 2017

Just a few RAW pics. Haven’t edited or framed yet. Hope you guys enjoy. I have solved my White Balance problem. I

Feb 12 2017
Recent Customs

Up next are five more customs recently finished. I did my favorite casting the 62 Chevy, an A100, a Fairlady 2000, a

Jan 2 2017
Pure Rust

So, a few months back I made up a rust bath and dropped in a Custom 62. I had scored and dremeled some scratches and

Dec 14 2016
Have a Slammin' Holiday!

So since I bought HoK Apple and Organic Green as my first paint colors for my airbrush, I decided to create a Xmas

Oct 25 2016

So this is my first post showcasing some customs of mine I just finished. I made a set of Mooneyes, but Im still new to decals as they scared me forever. I love hand painting, but the inability to find a brush I can use to paint words pushed me to decals. I really was not happy with the way these decals came out, not

Oct 19 2016

Hello everyone. Sean “WitheredCustomz (IG)“ here. Glad to have joined the community here at LaLD. This being my first post Im just going to showcase some 1/43 scale models that are dear to me. These 3 Fairlady Zs are from Ignition Model and are absolutely spectacular. They take the details from the actual cars from

Oct 18 2016

All 1/43 Scale models.

Jul 19 2016

My first post on here! Posting some of my pics I took on Friday from the cars I finished last week. I like taking the 4 pic collages, a Diorama shot (not posted) and a long exposure shot of some sort. Im still an amateur when it comes to photography but getting better, hopefully Ill come up with some more creative