9:06 AM

It's finally time to buy some summer tires for the grocery getter. I'm currently running Nexen 275 45 in front and 295 45 on the rear. They are very cheap tires that were on the car when I purchased it. I'm not really impressed with them. I'm looking for something reasonable not cheap. I will use these tires only part

9:49 AM

The first of many KC Oppo meets happened yesterday. Turned out to be only two of us. Lekker brought his Nismo 370, and I brought my grocery getter out. This was the first time I have ever had the chance to get an up close look at a Nismo 370. They look much more intimidating in person, and don't sound half bad either. Read more

9:31 AM

I have been in contact with a few KC area people that want to have a meet and greet. The tentative plan is to meet this Saturday, February 7, 2015 at Barley's Brewhaus off Midland Drive at 12pm. The parking lot is pretty large, so we can find an out of the way spot to park and talk cars before we go in and drink or Read more