Not a Sunburst Miata
Aug 29
Spotted in Jackson, WY

Hanging out at Grand Teton and Yellowstone this week, and I spot this across the street in downtown Jackson.

Jul 29
I am disappoint

I got engaged in May, which was awesome. As a congrats to myself for undertaking something so nerve wracking, I

Feb 26
Miata in the wet

This weekend at Eagle’s Canyon. It was raining all day Sunday so it was pretty slick but still a blast. 

Sep 30 2019
Engine swap done!

Everything is all back together and it’s running perfectly! Just a couple of small items to clean it up.

Aug 17 2019
Got the engine!!

Picked up a BP4 out of a 99 Miata to swap into my 91 Miata. Looking forward to the extra torque and power on track.