Sep 14
Bogus service packages

I’ve been convinced that dealer service packages are nothing more than overpriced inspections that can lead to even

Aug 31
Forgotten Cars: VW Eos

Considered to be a successor to the much loved Golf Cabriolet, and the first production coupe in the US for VW since

Aug 13

Finally saw the new Corvette in the wild for the first time today. Brand new. It of course was piloted by a senior.

Aug 3

I would love a Charger Scat Pack. I mean look how bad ass it looks. And there are some great deals on them right now. But that interior tho..

Jul 11

$86,365. A 2020 Defender HSE for $86k. Available at Santa Monica Land Rover Range Rover. This is one of 7 Defenders they have in stock. 6 are priced in the high $80's. The other is just under $78k. Someone needs to explain to me how this would be better than a Bronco or a Wrangler because at this price I honestly don’t

Jul 8

A guy a block down from my job has a brand new Cadillac CT5 Sport exactly like the one pictured. As we know, they changed their naming and it has the engines torque in NM on the back, so it has a 350T badge. Its parked on the street every day near a 7Eleven I go in for a lot of time in the mornings. This morning I