Sep 20

You may avoid the FP, but occasional contributing writer, one worth reading, David Obuchowski posted a remembrance

Sep 12
Parsh Arachnid

Guy saw me taking a pic in the rear view, I gave him a thumbs up, he revved it leaving the light, got stuck in

Aug 15
Opel GT goodness

Was driving around yesterday for the #OppoHunt and spotted this Opel GT in front of an oil change place. Must have

Aug 5
Lucky find

So I made a side trip on my way from a job site to the office to take a photo of a movie theater for the #oppohunt,

Jul 31
Of course

Hey, look, it’s a Tesla with a snarky personalized license plate about gas use!

Jun 30
My car broke [update]

[Update] I didn't even have to do the reprogramming trick on the window. After resting all afternoon while I was at

Jun 21
Racing into the morning

I am visiting northwestern Connecticut to spend time with my mother after the not unexpected death of my father this

Jun 5
End of an era

According to Fuelly, the last time I filled the tank of the GTI was 4/18 (until today), which shows how little I

Jun 3
Happened upon this today

Just going about my job, reviewing some construction next to this paint and body shop . . . I’m told that there are

May 2
Care for a Hmmbeer?

Saw this on the street in a fancy neighborhood as we walked the foster dog trying to get him noticed. In front of a

Apr 20
Miata dream . . . weird

This morning I awoke from a dream where I had a Miata. It seemed to be a really nicely modded NA with very special

Apr 2
A force of nature

My wife decided that we should foster a dog since she doesn’t need to travel for work. Then I broke my collarbone.