lady rainicorn
Mar 13 2018

Hi! Hope all is well over here in GT. I’m starting a one-year residency program all the way on the other side of the

Nov 1 2017

Eeeeughhhh. I had my first-ever IUD placed in August. It’s sort of my fault, but I wasn’t able to make my follow-up

Apr 7 2016

(TL;DR of my issue: I’ve been having abdominal discomfort for over a month now. I had an abdominal ultrasound that

Mar 25 2016

Hiiii again, it’s been a week since I posted about having an abdominal ultrasound taken because I’ve been

Mar 18 2016

Long story short, I’ve had persistent mild abdominal aches and burning for almost 2 weeks now without other

Feb 28 2016

So I’m an atheist with a Middle Eastern background. My family is not religious, either. My boyfriend is from a

Oct 22 2015

I’m very fortunate in that during my daily train commute, random people don’t attempt to talk to me. I’ve been

Oct 15 2015

First thing’s first, I live at home with my parents in a townhouse. We have this shitbag of a man-child neighbor. I

Sep 25 2015

Sprinkle turmeric on your fried eggs (or to any other egg preparation, I suppose). Because turmeric is a super

Sep 10 2015

Wahhhh, guys I didn’t realize it was going to rain all day (I’m a dumbass) and didn’t bring any form of rain gear or

Sep 7 2015

Back in May, I visited family in Toronto. My cousin and I went to this one beauty/makeup store (it was like Sephora,

Sep 4 2015
This exists

I don’t know why I’m like almost shocked since their nailpolish is $50 each, but Christian Louboutin sells $90

Sep 4 2015

...who likes the new font/font size on the mainpage? Literally, the only one? Yeah sure, I have horrible eyesight