Tragic Apostrophe
2:44 PM

This comment was deleted, got me unfollowed by Gawker and possible banned from posting. What the hell? I stand by my feeling that "story" was absurdly self-involved and narcissistic and really didn't contribute anything but giving Rich a platform to talk about himself in a completely uninteresting way.

1:23 PM

Maybe I have a complicated relationship with my siblings but all the people that are talking about how someone had to have known what was going on in that guys house is so weird to me. I've lived in my condo for 7 years, my mother hasn't been over in 3 years, my dad since I bought it, and between my 2 siblings and 2

2:27 PM

I posted about possibly buying this the other day and bought it today. It is one of the greatest inventions of all time, I don't think my floors were cleaner when I moved in. The water was disgusting when I emptied it but now my floors are shockingly clean and sparkly.

2:48 PM

Does anyone happen to have one of these? I have marble floors in my apartment which aren't nearly as easy to keep clean as promised by the real estate agent. Mopping is gross, I feel like I am mostly just spreading dirty water around. This apparently puts down cleaning agent from one container and sucks up the dirty

5:39 PM

Is it terrible that this commercial does not make me want to buy their heartworm protection but instead install a giant habitrail for my dog?