Jacques L' Autre
Feb 28
Of Happenings

Well for most of the world the 2019 winter season is, for all intensive purposes, dead. At least if you were looking

Oct 25

Jjust got with a 3 day work training event solely,heh, about boot-fitting. While I’ve dealt with this realm of the

Sep 18 2019

Anyone planning on watching any new ski or snowboard movie premieres? Personally, I’m watching the local in-town

Apr 15 2019
Ever Ski Bike?

They’re a slightly scary, but fun time. Think oof drifting a mountain bike constantly, or riding a motorcycle with ba

Mar 28 2019
Achievement Unlocked

Finally crossed off a snowboarding goal I’ve had for a long time. Across from Mt Bachelor is Tumalo Mountain, althoug

Mar 18 2019
Two-Planked Today

Got on skis for the second time this year and can honestly say these were the second best skis I’ve been on this year

Feb 25 2019
Deep Thoughts

The only photo I have of today’s snow is this one, but the mountain has gotten even more than what we did in town.

Feb 11 2019

I’ll be taking the first trip I’ve had out of state for the first time in two seasons. Oregon has some amazing riding

Jan 28 2019
Life Is Better At 9000'

This June-ary weather has made for some great spring riding conditions in Central Oregon. I miss the powder, but bomb

Jan 13 2019

I’m getting a pair of ski boots later this coming week. I used to ski when I was a kid, but might take a few some pai

Jan 1 2019
She's Dead, Jim

My daily driver for the past season and a half finally bit the dust. Salomon did a really good job with this board, s

Dec 24 2018
Off The Beaten Path

A buddy of mine snagged this shot yesterday at a small local mountain in my area. The best zones are often unmarked,

Dec 4 2018
It Happened...

Today was going to be day 5 of my 18/19 season, and it still was but not without starting rougher than it could’ve. T

Nov 4 2015
Baja Blast

I found this amazing photo on NASIOC, needless to say, I want it.

Oct 28 2015
The Magnum Was Cool.

I sat in a Magnum once, and was amazed at how shitty that interior was. Still, I love them, it’s only too bad they