HY90 Photography
Nov 6
Farewell guys.

This’ll be my last post here on kinja. With the recent unfortunate news, things aren’t looking too well

Oct 18
Camry XSE + new car

It’s been three years since I had my Accord. However, now that the lease on that car ended, it’s officially time to

Oct 2
Long time no LaLD

It’s been a long time since I last posted. So much so that I doubt a lot of the new members know me lol.

Jun 28 2019
Car culture for sale

I need space and funds for other hobbies so I’m selling my car culture~ this is cross posted on Facebook hotwheels

Jun 14 2019
Early 2000s grails

Finally got my hands on two elusive early 2000 releases that I was never able to find at a good price before. The

May 10 2019
5 1 0

It’s 5/10 so you know what this means~ 510 galore

Apr 17 2019
Trade bait

Looking to trade the stuff above for things off my want list~

Apr 12 2019
Looking for the following

Thought I’d ask LaLD before I head on over to eBay or Facebook for these... can be loose mint or mint carded. 

Apr 6 2019
Toy show haul

Pretty dang good haul at the North Dallas Toy Show today.. all of these for less than $75. Not too bad!

Apr 1 2019
Looking For Wave 2 of F&F

Dallas is extremely behind on Hotwheels releases and I was wondering if anyone on LaLD has an extra set that they’d

Mar 26 2019
RLC 964 Outlaw

Good luck on the RLC 964 Outlaw for those who are RLC members! I got mine through Urban Outlaw but definitely glad I

Mar 7 2019
OttO Porsches

American Excellence had a sale going on a few weeks ago so couldn’t help myself to some rather affordable Porsches.

Feb 27 2019
Car Culture Lot FS

Selling off my 2016-2018 Car Culture + Premiums as a lot for $155 shipped in the lower 48 states. Steering away from

Feb 18 2019
Spring Sale

It’s that time of the year~ Gotta make room for other things in life.