Earnest The Betrayer
Oct 22 2017

Spotted in Duncan, BC.

Sep 24 2016
Gaze upon my holes

I bought a 1995 Jeep Cherokee that needs more love than I thought. PVC, spray foam, and seam sealer hid the worst.

Jun 8 2016
How fucked is my clutch?

This is both sides of the second clutch plate. The first one is still mounted with the flywheel; it doesn’t look any

May 12 2016
Spotted in the wild:

A 1917 Ford Model T, restored to accurate, driveable condition. Filled this bad boy up a couple of days ago.It’s

Apr 23 2016
Rebuild update

We’re tearing down the white ‘91 and rebuilding Danger Black into a 5spd road legal trail destroyer. Pulled the

Apr 5 2016

So I bought a ‘91 Jeep Cherokee for $2000 knowing it was a project, but still under the false pretense that it was

Jan 6 2016
Spotted in the wild:

The cat not the car. I’m on Vancouver Island, I go hiking in the mountains everyday with the dogs. The dogs took