Nov 23 2018
Playing with my diorama

Hi guys! I haven’t done a post for a while, mostly because I didn’t have time to do so, and ‘cause I didn’t have to

Oct 26 2018
Italian friday

Hi all! I will post now some of my new custom restaurations, which I made since I moved to my new crib. Some of you

Sep 11 2018
Some pics for 9/11 day

Hi all! Sorry, I coudn’t make any new photos for this 911 day, so I share my older pictures of some porsches I have.

Sep 9 2018
First autumn hawl

Hi all! I’d like to share my hunts from today. Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Aug 22 2018
no scope 480

Hi all! That will be a short introduction of my latest custom, the Volvo 480. I bought this one a couple of month

Aug 20 2018
The Celica that haunts me

Hi all! I’d like to show you my latest custom, the Matchbox Toyota Celica. It was a really long process, and a lot