No More College Granddad
Jan 2

Hope you haven’t given up on any resolutions yet. You still have 5 days left to pretend like you’re doing them.

Aug 17 2019

Here’s a video of the GOAT of all sports (GOATOAS?) Serena Williams destroying a drone with a serve.

Apr 30 2018
Ya boy the Hotep

Normally, I don’t give a shit about being blocked from a Kinja platform. I was blocked from Gawker 3 separate times.

Apr 18 2018

So, a few days ago I posted a video of Taylor Swift’s awesome new song that unfortunately, no one listed to. So now,

Dec 19 2017

I preface with there is no violence in this. I want you to enjoy it the first time without waiting for someone to

Dec 8 2017

Yeah, Sharipova might have made more money than here but in 10 years, very few will remember that as the walk into

Sep 2 2017

So, ignore the thuggish white women fighting over a FUCKING NOTEBOOK in Walmart, check out if you can see how much