Dave H NZ
Mar 15 2015
Jada Datta

One of IMHO Jadas finest moments though a bit of a stretch calling it 1/64 but who cares I love its detail, even

Feb 22 2015
New Scores

Found these on my weekly trip to The Warehouse just quick pictures have chores to do will DLM later. Yours in small

Feb 16 2015
Hawl on holiday

Just got back late yesterday spent about 4 hours last night catching up on posts you guys have been busy I am glad I

Feb 10 2015
Tray No 5

Heres a another tray liberation before I head away on holiday for 5 to 6 days with probably no WiFi or limited

Feb 5 2015
Tray No4

Just a quick one tonight early start for work tomorrow actually probably by the time i post this it will be later