Sep 6 2013

Random thought: could the millions of dollars in missiles which are near-inevitably going to be launched on Syria be better spent on broadcast airtime to show (in detail) what's happening on the ground there, in an effort to shame Russia and China (and the rest of the world) into more serious UN action? Read more

Aug 28 2013

So, despite some (possible?) agreement with my general sentiment, by an official vote of approximately 1 million recommendations of comments disagreeing with me, to zero recommendations of my original post or my own explanatory comments, I stand thoroughly corrected. Read more

Aug 7 2013

Somewhat related to this conversation from yesterday, I'm reading a book called JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and Why it matters and in it, the author quotes a paragraph from Thomas Merton. Read more

Jul 21 2013

Denton should really be proud of the crowdsourced bullshit community moderation around here. Writers can't be bothered to remove obvious racism. Other writers take their personal vendettas to the commenters by blocking so many of us from the front pages.

Jul 16 2013

Suspect was wearing green scrubs. For fuck's sake. Think about that next time your in a hospital!