Blaze Miskulin
Mar 24 2019
Oh Captain, My Captain

Captain Marvel left me disappointed. I felt it as I left the cinema. I felt it as I was watching the movie. I new

Dec 9 2018
This is Not My Doctor

I had really been looking forward to seeing how Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall would interpret The Doctor. They

Aug 7 2018
Cloak Has a Dad

A serious pet peeve of mine is the Hollywood notion that “there are no good fathers”.

Jun 16 2018
Hat Trick Critiques

In old-school (very old-school) computing, there was a rule of thumb: “Tell me three times” (famously used by

Apr 10 2018
Project Lazarus: Rocketeer

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Project Lazarus” post. And those have all talked about ways to reboot old

Jan 7 2018
Welcome to Acting 101

I have a degree in theatre. It’s on the tech side, but I still spent a lot of time doing acting, dance, costuming,