Jon Vieira
Jan 8 2017
Former 42nd DIVARTY HQ

I recently had the opportunity to visit the former headquarters of the 42nd Division Artillery (DIVARTY) in in the

Aug 4 2015
Light my way

My work area has six or seven display cases filled with a mix of items that look as if they were either bought at a

Dec 31 2014
Bad Advertising

Recently I've happened across some poor advertising decisions, and I thought this would be an agreeable place to

Jun 14 2013
The Man who would be King

The 1980's saw the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) well on its way towards consolidating and nationalizing what

May 21 2013
Securing Your Smartphone

Use of smartphones has taken off over the last 5 years, so much so that they are as common as having a t.v. or a PC.

May 15 2013
Edison's Elephant

Thomas Alva Edison, known as the wizard of Menlo Park, is often revered in North American school systems as one of

May 10 2013
Strange Currencies

UVB-76 is a radio transmitter currently located near Pskov, Russia. The transmitter operates at 4625 kHz,

May 8 2013
Majesty of Gaia

In 1999 Iron Maiden announced their reconciliation with long absent guitar player Adrian Smith as well as their

May 2 2013
Remembering Jeff Hanneman

I was saddened to learn of Slayer guitarist/songwriter Jeff Hanneman's passing earlier this morning. I have been a