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Jul 29 2019
Loaner Review: Audi SQ5

So I have to take the S3 to the dealer for the annual service and take care of a weird issue (turned out to be a

Jun 8 2019
Happy Pride!!

The season of gaudy rainbow is upon us. Enjoy the festivities and try (and fail) not to get too hammered during the

Jun 2 2019
Sunday Funny

Based on an actual conversation I had with my husband who drove my Audi for the last couple days. 

Mar 22 2019
Extreme Eyeroll

Sometimes, I just want to eyeroll. But first something pretty for your trouble:

Mar 12 2019
Oh, the Bribery!

Turns out my alma mater, BU was one of the schools targeted by the Celebrity-and-CEO college bribery scheme. Not

Aug 6 2018
Greetings from Indiana

So I went to Indianapolis visit hubby’s extended family in Mike pence’s home town.(Columbus) The place is deep deep

Jul 31 2018
Retro DOTS: Mystery Car

I was doing some cleaning and organizing yesterday and found a stash of old photos from when i was living in London

Jul 24 2018

My sushi chef loves me. Apparently, Kinja doesn’t. Took me 3 tries for this picture.

Jul 22 2018
Oh good god I am old.

Turned 39 as of midnight last night. I am almost plunging into my mid life crisis. I am going to marry a younger man