Dec 23 2014

it's been slow at work, and my boss was complaining that I don't have anything Christmas-y in my office, other than my Christmas Story bobble head.

Feb 7 2014

Yep! I did it. Today was my last day at the cable company, Cox Communications. And I feel ECSTATIC. I will no longer

Jan 6 2014

So, yesterday there were the two Wild Card games for football. The Chargers/Bengals game was on, and afterwards was

Dec 18 2013

Monday was my first day back to hell on earth. I went out about 8 weeks ago on stress leave; my blood pressure was

Sep 28 2013

So...This PROBABLY should go in Kotaku, but so many of us have electronic devices that we play games on (and my

Sep 3 2013

So I watched this movie recently for the first time in probably 10 years, and I remembered how much I used to like