Sir Halffast
May 4
Car Importation Question

Quick question for Oppo - Currently living overseas and looking to buy a new car which we would (hopefully) bring

Oct 31

I know this has probably been discussed, but the owners of G/O Media are fucking thin-skinned cowards to shut down

Aug 9 2019

This is how I started my morning. It was good. Now you can too.

Mar 30 2016

So, Motorsport Manager is the App Store Free App of the Week. Just so ya’ll know. It’s pretty great.

Jul 6 2015

Why am I getting replies on this post from 2012? What the fuck has happened? Read more

May 15 2015

I have a musician bucket list of all the musicians I have to see before they die. Of all of them, this man was number one with a bullet. So glad I did. Even at 83 years old when I saw him, he brought the house down around our ears. I don’t much get affected by celebrity deaths, but my allergies are acting up quite a

Feb 26 2015

Ran across this wonderful, personalized, Virginia "DON'T TREAD ON ME" plate on the way home this evening. If you can't read it well, it says "INSUFFERABLE TWAT."

Sep 4 2014
Bob Mould @ 9:30 Club?

McMike, you going? Anyone else? I haven't gotten my tickets yet but I'm looking for reasons not to study...

Jul 27 2014

So the connector for my canister vent shut valve on my 2011 Fit got cut somehow. Perhaps chewed by a small woodland

Jul 16 2014
Oppo, a question...

I need to get an OBD II reader. What is a good one for under $30? Or are they all pretty much the same? iPhone

Feb 11 2014

Hey all, so the wife decided we need a second car for commuting purposes, and she wants a 500. I'm poking around at

Jan 13 2014
Still doing it...

So once upon a year, this happened, just a few miles from my home. Guess the drummer without looking...