The second Star Trek: Discovery novel gives us our first look at Prime Lorca, and shows that Mirror Lorca did a pretty good job of emulating his counterpart.

Last month, the second Star Trek: Discovery novel, Drastic Measures, by Dayton Ward was released. I decided I might as well follow up on my analysis of the previous novel, Desperate Hours, by looking at what the book has to say about some of the characters we’ve just recently come to know.

The First Star Trek: Discovery Novel, Desperate Hours, Sheds Some Light on Michael Burnham and Saru

Discovery’s tie-in media presents a unique situation that we haven’t really seen in the Prime Universe. The producers of the show brought in Voyager novelist Kirsten Beyer as a sort of canon guru for the writers’ room. She also wrote one of the episodes later in the season. With her unique role as someone coming from