Aug 25
RIP Riley Gale

Well shit. I was on a bike ride and enjoying a beer at the top when this news came across. Riley Gale of Power Trip

Aug 21
Cars I done seent

I’ve been tremendously slacking on my Oppo hunt and have posted 0 things. I’ve been fairly busy with some side

Aug 7
It's Friday

Enjoy this cover of Rush’s Working Man covered by The Sword. 6 hours until the weekend (at least for me) and then

Jul 28
Got skunked fishing

So I took some snaps of my car since it was “clean”. I’ve really been enjoying it again lately but need to track

Jul 27
Yes please

This is sitting outside my office right now. I keep making excuses to go stare at it

Jul 24
On busted nuts

Let’s talk about my least favorite thing to do ever; extracting busted nuts. In my lifetime I have managed to shear

Jul 19

I had an alignment done 2 months ago when I put new suspension on my car and last week I put new wheels and tires on

Jul 16
New wheels and tires!

It was getting old having to air up my tires everytime I went somewhere so I threw money at the problem. I ordered

Jul 1
Took a picture

Don’t usually take pictures of my car but I washed off a lot of dirt and went fishing. When I came back up from the

Jun 25
Ground score!

Was riding my bike home and spotted this in a cross roads. No one around so I looked back and grabbed it. I have one

Jun 12
I am so close!

In the past couple of weeks I have replaced the turbo, oil feed line, coil packs, upstream O2 sensor, coolant, and

Jun 8
Pricing help?

Anyone want to help me come up with a decent price for my old suspension?

May 29
DOTS: GMC Motorhome

These things look so sleek on the outside. I would add rocket boosters or external fuel tanks and a black and white

May 26
M5 wagon

Spotted from my bike the other day. Very clean from what I quickly glanced at