Mar 10 2014

If you're in the same boat as me and can't afford to donate right now, please just spread the word around about this

Feb 15 2014
Mai Selfie!!!

Some of my constituents might've noticed my delightful mug has been absent from all of the selfie threads. I've done

Jan 17 2014

I'm exhausted and have a crapload of stuff to catch up on tomorrow. So, I'mma call it a day. Here, have this:

Jan 10 2014

My mom has switched over from AT&T to MetroPCS, she says that she still receives texts on her old iPhone. Is there

Jan 9 2014

Actually not this kind of MUDDing, but the text based multiplayer game kind. I kinda miss it, but now I'm

Jan 5 2014

I have a job interview tomorrow. Usually I'd be fine with what to wear because I'm a CNA, its always been ok(at

Jan 3 2014
Baking Variations

I've decided to fuck up any possibility of y'all keeping fresh resolutions early on. So here's nom/baking pr0n. Or

Jan 1 2014

I'm a New Years baby. I officially turned 23 to me today. Yay. Even on the best of times I want to stick to my

Dec 28 2013
BAMF Theme Song

I'm getting myself pumped up so that I'll actually clean up without putting it off for another day. Major points to

Dec 24 2013

I was trying to post an article of my fave Imgur posts but I got Kinja'd. So I'll make this and put the bits in the

Dec 17 2013

I'm hungry. I would make food for myself normally but my sister has company over. Its been 4 hours and it sounds

Dec 15 2013

To put my question into context, I've decided that I'm gonna try to pursue some of my interests instead of always