9:46 PM

Nibby! I Found this on imgur, and immediately thought of you.

10:22 PM

When I wake up tomorrow, I will be 21.

10:27 PM

I've only driven stick twice. The first time in a 95? Maxima. My friend promised to teach me. I drove around a parking lot for a while. Picked it up no problem. The second time was in a different friend's 2005 mustang. Drove it around the block. Sometimes I wish my focus was a stick, but now commuting to my co-op, Read more

6:24 PM

Holy shitski people are terrible at judging distance. I'm coming home, and this particular road has a speed limit of 35. I'm going along, doing just about that. Some old lady, pulling out of a lot waits until I'm like 25 feet from her and then decides to pull out in front of me. And do 15mph. Legitimately 15 miles per Read more

6:54 PM

Hrm, I just realized a minor dilemma. I turn 21 on the 21st of this month. This means I will be getting a new license, I can get the horizontal, adult kind! However, the 21st of January also happens to be MLK day. While it's nice to get that day off from work, it also means that the DMV will be closed. This means 1 of Read more

9:49 AM

I posted this last night on G+, but I'm still looking for some info. Read more

3:34 PM

Short day at work. About 2PM, one of the guys came around and was telling the few of us actually there that everyone from QA left, and we should just go too. Guy in the cube to my left high-tailed it out of there, I finished the line of code I was on, left myself a few notes and packed up, and the guy to my right did Read more

11:31 PM

Saw The Hobbit. I actually liked it. I've never read the book, so I wasn't sure. There was one preview, for Pacific Rim or something, and the robot voice was GLaDOS. My friends and I were like wtf. The movie looked horrible, but I hope it has Portal References. "Release the deadly neuro-toxin. Just kidding. Open the Read more

9:29 PM

Give it to me" she screamed. "I'm all fucking wet, give it to me now!". She could yell all she wants, I was keeping the umbrella. Read more

9:13 PM

Just had Chinese food with my buddy. We're both Jewish, so we decided to live up to the stereotype. :D Read more

9:44 AM

I hate HM moves so much... I'm playing Pokemon HeartGold, I decided to make a run with pokemon I don't usually use or have never used before. For a water type, I have Kingler. She's got a badass attack stat, but can't learn waterfall. So now, I need another water type Pokemon for waterfall to get me to the Pokemon Read more

11:42 PM

I need to stay away from the Lego store. Seriously. o-o; Bought this and a Series 9 Minifig. Was trying to get the chicken man, got the mermaid instead. -.-; Good thing is I had a $10 credit from VIP points, so the plane and minifig was $13. Not too bad.

9:10 PM

And then poop it out. And then eat that. #Dogworldproblems

6:07 PM

You know what would be nice? If people actually spoke to me. I've been at my co-op for 2 days, 16 hrs, and I have no idea wtf is up. I swear, if the HR lady didn't call my manager and tell him I was on my way over, I'd still be standing in the hallway waiting. Read more

6:44 PM

Just got home a bit ago from my first day of Co-op. It's so weird not being in class... office life is quite different. I'm also wicked tired.