Nov 23 2015
Oppo needs more fizzers

Its sure been a while since ive logged on. But I needed to drop by and make sure oppo has some FZR love again. Its

Jul 12 2015
Long time no oppo

Been a while since ive logged in here but i owe yall a picture. I took the Fzr to the Mississippi river and we made

Apr 12 2015
I Found a Pyramid Today.

Today was the first real adventure on the drz. So I went to see the great pyramid of memphis. Among other places...

Mar 22 2015
A rare sighting...

A harley and a sportbike riding together?! What is this! Turns out a coworker has a bike! Ive never ridden with a

Feb 15 2015

I dunno about you guys, but i personally would have set up a bagged car so the painted surfaces wouldnt hit the

Jan 10 2015
Prelude Pro Tip:

Yes. You can fit a mosin nagant in the trunk. I know the answer has been on your minds for quite a while now. May

Dec 31 2014
Indeed, A Happy New Year

I owe a special thanks to a certain oppo-gentleman Rico, on the east coast for this fine drink. I'm a couple swigs

Nov 12 2014
that feeling when

you put your fairings back on after a season of naked riding. I have forgotten how much better it looks, and i'm

Nov 9 2014
Anyone else drink these?

So im not much of a 'drinking' guy. I gave an assortment of beers a try last night, but found all to be rather

Nov 5 2014
oppo needs more....

wide body jaaaaaaaaaaaaaags. Thats my lead in and i'm sticking with it. Enjoy some more random oldish car stuff

Nov 3 2014
On Any Sunday

That movie was right. This is what goes down on Sundays. Done editing, so feel free to check out the rest of my

Nov 1 2014

Its amazing to think how many people I would never have met if I didnt buy a particular car. Or heck, even just