Good Doctors

I went to a new primary doctor today and, seriously, she was amazing! I babbled at her and she patiently listened, responded compassionately, and didn’t at all make me feel rushed. I feel like I got really lucky because I don’t have the best insurance, but it’s almost like she was meant to be my doctor.


I just cowashed my dog

She has a double coat so she’s not supposed to get bathed that frequently, HOWEVER, yesterday she decided that kicking up mud in the stream and then rolling over in it was on her bucket list even though she’d already had a bath recently. What to do?! Despite her clear pleasure over being filthy she smelled…

Help me air dry!

You’d think the whole “undone yet mostly polished waves” thing would be easy when your natural texture was more or less “undone yet slightly polished waves,” and yet. This stuff is all so deceptively tricky, don’t you think? Help me air dry my hair! Tell me how you do yours.

Kohl in Ancient Egypt

Lisa Eldridge’s new video has a demo and a trip to the museum, just like a makeup guru Mr. Rogers! I thought it was really interesting, I hope you enjoy it. I’d be happy if she keeps up the Mr. Rogers act and shares more of her research from her recent book. Has anyone gotten her book? What do you think?