Delta Five Nine
Jun 25 2013

Great fan video on Ari Vatanen, overlayed with numerous interviews which showed the man's character. One of the rally greats.

Dec 27 2012

Particularly nice R32 GT-R pic I found. Now my desktop, with completely whited out plate instead of the blur. Cleaned up my desktop, finally, with the help of Object Dock Plus.

Oct 14 2012

NBC Sports Group get 4 year deal for US F1 TV rights. 4 races on NBC, all other 16 on NBC Sports. Qualy and practice on NBC Sports and "everything" streamed online. (How many, if any, for anyone with an internet connection and how many just for NBC Sports subs?) Read more

Jul 18 2012

Anyone here got any opinions about foldable bikes? Thinking about one for college, can't use a normal one as I'm commuting and so it needs to fit in the (rather large) Town Car trunk. Read more

Jul 11 2012

Has a certain person on here seen this? Worth reposting if so regardless.