My Mom Is The Coolest

My mom loves fast cars, like any good mom should. She was also a huge Magnum P.I. fan, so when I was in junior high, my dad bought her a Ferrari 308 GTSi. I always thought it was a ‘79, but it must have been an ‘80 because that was the first year with the fuel injection, apparently. We can’t seem to find a photo of…


They apparently named this car after the answer someone gave to the designer when he asked, “how do you like it?” Cool graphics, though. It was the Portuguese Hummer, hence the name, hilariously. Peugeot diesel powered. The Pope rode in one once.

Le Car Le Moteur Le Swap

Time for the Le Car to get a new heart. The old motor was starting to sound like sleigh bells. And, yes, it I am going for something bigger. A 1.4 out of an ‘81! A whopping 62HP as opposed to the original motor’s 55. It’s going to be a rocket. I’m not really an LS swap kind of guy. I like to experience old cars as…