Renault Return?

I’ve heard some rumblings that with Renault-Nissan’s acquisition of Mitsubishi, we could, maybe, possibly see Renaults come back to the U.S. using the Mitsubishi dealer network. As a Le Car owner, I think it would be great. I’ll take a Clio RS. Ghosn doesn’t say anything specific in this article, but he does mention…

Car People Are the Best

So, the engine in my Le Car demolished itself which bummed me out. And, I’m thinking, “where the fuck am I going to find another Renault Le Car engine?” Well, one Facebook post later, and the fine folks from the Renault Club have found me 5. Now I want four more Le Car bodies. Thank you car guys.


Catching Crooks In Cool Cars

I was recently lamenting that the days of a guy in a cool car solving crimes on t.v. is over. There may be a couple holdovers, but they’re nothing like Rockford’s Firebird, or the General Lee. Those cars were as much a character as the humans on their respective shows. I also got to wondering where it all started.…


If anyone wants a Clownshoe, I keep seeing this guy in my town. It doesn’t look like it was the best taken care of little M, it’s filled with junk, but it apparently has a $700 window coating which is really what you buy these things for. Their window coatings.