Apr 1 2016
The Porsche 356A

What a cool little cast. I have an aversion to matte black so didn’t pick up the first release, but this little

Mar 5 2016
S2000 Saturday

Ryu Asada always comes up with the good stuff. The recent Integra is waiting for liberation as we speak and this is

Jan 3 2016
Forthcoming French Friday

A package arrived and I couldn’t resist taking a quick snap. The model is a 1/16 Bburago and was an absolute eBay

Dec 8 2015
Turbine Tuesday

I collected tokens from boxes of cereal for this years ago. I have a couple more from the series somewhere, but for

Dec 5 2015
Stripped Saturday

WIP on my first proper custom. Intention is for this Chevy to look like a real life WIP project.

Nov 18 2015
Wangan Wednesday

Bringing a little JDM highway racer to this weekly wagon fest. Strictly street racing here tonight.

Oct 31 2015
Shelby Saturday

I’ve had this TH for ages, and have never really been a fan. The tampos were missing huge chunks and the wheels had

Oct 27 2015
Teutonic Tuesday

I don’t get the hate for this casting. Metal spoiler blah blah. I actually think it looks better than the plastic