Kit 'Haddy' Iwamatsu
Jul 12 2018
69 Baja - New Rear Tires

Not much to it, there ya go. Got some 30x9.5R15 Falken MT01 tires on some crap 15x6's. I’m digging the look, going

Jun 18 2018
The Baja Bug drives!

Amazingly well, actually. It only needed proper tuning and timing, and now it climbs hills in third gear like they

Jun 17 2018
I'm still alive...

And the trailtroll isnt. It’s engine has a bottom end knock, so its coming out.. eventually. There’s a lot to do to

Oct 28 2015

The trailblazer, now known as ’jiggy,’ has finally had the cause of it’s vibration located. A bent wheel! A

Oct 27 2015
OPPOnaut Shower Thought

Maybe dudes in lifted trucks zip past like assholes because their speedometers are reading low. Just realized I did

Oct 26 2015
I have... a plan...

There is an 03 AWD aztek sitting in the ‘Long Hold’ lot of my friend’s we-tote. 45,000 miles, but due to title