3:03 PM

Added a new car to the stable. I just can't leave the performance sedans behind.

4:18 PM

So I'm looking to upgrade my computer just a tad bit so I bought memory to upgrade the 8gb RAM I have to 16gb. I already put in an SSD earlier this year and the processor is as lively as ever. My next upgrade I would like to do is the video card but I've been so far out of the game that I only know the top of the top Read more

1:25 AM

So I have a $550 Gift card to Best Buy and I thought about picking up a laptop. My biggest issue is that I'm so far out of the loop with laptop technology that I'm not sure what I'm looking for and I don't really trust the Best Buy employees to give me a straight answer. Anyone have any suggestions for a decent laptop Read more

11:45 PM

Well...I strangely got into the massive line at Best Buy that wrapped around the entire shopping plaza for some reason. The line was orderly and I ended up in the store within 10 minutes of it opening at 12:01. The first thing I did was head straight to the gaming section and pick up a Wii U, Nerf protector and a copy Read more

2:43 AM

Went to a car show, saw some cool cars, took some video on my crappy phone. I also got to drive a 2012 Chevy Caprice...it was badass....

1:01 PM

So...the time has come to retire my 1995 Chevy Impala SS. I'm looking to get something sub 20k but I'm not sure what. I'd like it to be newer than 2000, have a V8, RWD, and manual. Probably won't get a Mustang, I'm not a big fan of the 4.6 and Cobras around here have high mileage which is a huge turn off. I'm fond of Read more

6:15 PM

I secretly like the 2003ish era SVT Cobra. It isn't on my next car to buy list but it is on there somewhere.

10:20 PM

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombieorpheus/the-gamers-hands-of-fate/posts/275557 Read more

8:32 PM

I'm looking to pick up another car dirt cheap to mess around with. I found a 1976 El Camino SS with a 350 near me for 4k that has new paint, no dents or rust, all original parts except for a 4-barrel Carb. The AC doesn't work and needs new hoses and it has the stock 8-track but no speakers. Is this a worthwhile Read more

11:55 PM

I've certainly spent as little money on this Steam sale than I ever have. Maybe it is because I own a crap load of games already but all I've gotten so far is the Saint's Row The Third Season Pass. El Shaddai is $9.99 at Best Buy, has anyone played this game that can tell me if it is worth it?

10:40 PM

Killingfloor Summer Sideshow thing started today, might be a sign that the Steam sale is finally upon us. Runs until the 23rd.