Apr 26 2014
Holy Blackface Batman.

One of my closest friends posted a picture of herself which involved her cosplaying with a few friends. One of these

Jun 14 2013
Free-range bunnies

Maybe we have been living in condos for too long, but is it normal to let your pet rabbits run around the

Apr 8 2013

So a little bit confused, but if we're not invited to the new groupthink can we not post at all? Or can we just reply or something? Is it something like the old star system where I was able to approve people, and only people that have stars can see those pending? From what I can tell it's kind of like that with the

Apr 7 2013

So I've been teaching a nightclass in pottery for funzies this winter, and in the meantime I've started to rack up a whole load of mugs and bowls during my free studio time that I really don't need. I'm thinking about creating an Etsy store, but I'm kind of nervous selling things so fragile online. I know there's a Read more

Jan 11 2013
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Dec 19 2012

Is it humanly possible to have a job without work drama? Sometimes I feel like I saw more maturity back when I was teaching junior high.

Dec 14 2012

What's the best and most respectful way to deal with a coworkers miscarriage? I just realized how out of touch I am with this subject, and how I have no idea how to respond and what is socially acceptable. I feel so horrible and I really want to comfort her, but we're really not that close (long story short I was Read more

Dec 9 2012

Shoot, need something under $10 for free shipping on Any suggestions?

Nov 24 2012

A wonderful lovely cousin of mine picked up a PS3 3D tv for me using her employee discount for 100 bucks. It seemed too good to be true...and well it is. Looking it up online it seems every single one is faulty, and it's a matter of months possibly weeks before this one craps out. I'm trying to decide how much of a Read more

Nov 19 2012

Also this creep is back: