12:04 AM

Please, the cost is comparable and the difference is easily justified with power banks as their functionality extends beyond just powering up controllers (I don’t know about you, but personally the few devices I own that that even use batteries don’t use the standard AA batteries something like an Xbox controller Read more

7:02 PM

If being too far from an outlet is an issue, why not just get a portable charging pack from Anker or something similar? It’ll charge while you play and will likely outlast your gaming session if you’re only concerned about an hour or two being lost.

3:25 PM

Dammit... I just bought a RPi 3 B+ about 2 weeks ago to build a Steam Link. Had I known a new model was coming out, I’d have waited. *tableflip*

9:28 PM

While I don’t think that simply shoe-horning an “easy mode” into every game is the answer, I strongly believe there should be more (or better) accessibility options both with the hardware and the software. Read more

10:19 PM

Last night I jumped back into Monster Hunter World to catch up on the last 2 Arch-Tempered fights added, Zorah and Xeno. I’ll be happy if I can get their new Gamma Armor sets as well as the most recent Layered Armor sets unlocked this weekend so I can go back to taking my time getting lost grinding away in the Read more

1:51 PM

The new Path of Exile league: Betrayal starts in about 10 minutes, I’m sure I’ll be lost in it over the weekend.

4:15 PM

I’d like someone to play Trump back the tape from one of his early candidate speeches where he says he has “The best staff/lawyers/people” each time one of them is found guilty... so we can document his reactions as his world crumbles around him.

4:02 PM

Over the shoulder aiming does not equate to the full zoom of ADS (especially with scoped weapons) just without the weapon or scope in the peripheral view. If they are going to implement OTS/3rd person aiming, they need to do it right... and this glitch isn’t it.

7:35 PM

The logo’s font screams 90's while the logo’s placement screams 00'savatar/costume/vehicle decal editors”.

12:25 PM

Just fire, no blast. Bring the Fire mantle (2nd tool selected based on your play style). Also bring Cool Drinks (naturally). The blue fire is more like walking on lava or blue water during a Vaal fight so keep an eye on your HP as it can drop quickly if you get hit with a quick flurry... which is very likely because Read more

2:45 PM

I’ve been using GPM for a few years now and haven’t really had a need to jump ship. Assuming the whole google/youtube music thing does collapse, does anybody know a good way to get collect a list of your current library (artists/albums from said artists)? I have a mix of uploaded and service added discographies in my Read more

9:54 PM

But there are strings attached... in that you have to use the Twitch Desktop App to claim and install the games.

But there are strings attached... in that you have to use the Twitch Desktop App to claim and install the games.